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Eating out on Green Lanes


Recommendations for restaurants on Green Lanes

Hanoi Phø
Hanoi Phø, just one good value restaurant on Green Lanes

Good food near Kent Hall, Part 1

Customers often ask where there are good options to eat that are within walking distance of the hotel. Fortunately I like to dine out a lot so I have a lot of recommendations. The options lie for the most part in two directions - up Green Lanes to Harringay or down Seven Sisters Road to Finsbury Park. So I've split this blog into two parts. First, Green Lanes.

All of the places that I mention are based on my most recent experience of eating there (within the last year) and none of them have influenced in any way the opinion that I have. Except through the quality of their food and service of course!


Harringay is renowned for it Turkish cuisine and for my money Devran is the best. You get a generous amount of food at a good price, all cooked fresh in front of you at the grill. Go to my personal blog for a more extended review.

Autograf Grill

If you're very hungry go to Autograf for authentic Polish food. It's big and hearty and gets very busy in the evenings so get there early if you haven't booked. My review is here.

Indika Kitchen

If you feel the need for spice Indika is a good option. They don't have a licence so make sure you pick up something to drink on the way to cool off the heat from their excellent curries. My review is here.

Hanoi Phø

If you fancy something informal and quick Hanoi Phø do excellent bowls of Vietnamese goodness. See the review here.

The Salisbury

Not one that I've reviewed it but I have eaten there a lot. They do high quality pub food at pub prices, much better than you'd find in most West End pubs. If you want a standard fish and chips or burger it's a good option and they always have something interesting for the veggies. They also have an extensive range of British and international beers on tap.

So those are the recommendation - of course if you want to know more just email us, Green Lanes has a wonderful variety of food to suit most tastes and budgets and it's right on our doorstep.

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